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Lip piercing, Labrets, Monroe Piercing, Gold Labret, Lip Jewelry

The term "labret," correctly pronounced "la-bret" (rhymes with "the bet"), generally refers to a single piercing about halfway between the edge of the lower lip and the top of the chin. Labrets can also be done in pairs, usually to either side of center. (Some folks call lower labrets, especially lower pairs, "lowbrets.") If you decided to go with a metal labret stud, you can use different metals and different ends. Labrets are available in gold, steel and titanium (colored and plain), and can be fitted with spikes, balls, or gemstone ends in any of these materials. You can also get stone or acrylic balls, or novelty shapes. With our prices so low, you should never get bored with the lip piercing.

How labrets are measured:

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