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6-Piece Tongue Piercing Starter Kit, 14 Or 12 Gauge

6-Piece Tongue Piercing Starter Kit, 14 Or 12 Gauge
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  • Type: straight barbell
  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
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This video is just an example for your convenience. This video came from third party, not related to us and we can not be hold responsible for anything that you see in this video. We never recommend to do it yourself and it's always the best to go to professional piercer.


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Malice said
I do agree with the gauge queen, and if someone wants their tongue pierced, it would be better to get this instead of a rusty safety pin. It is true that its better to get it done professionally, but I can't really say much, because mines done by my best friend. Also, if you're gonna do it, be safe and look at the veins, keep it clean, and don't let it get infected.
the gauge queen. said
i'm just going to say this. If you think piercing your tongue, in a shop or not, will paralyze your face or whatever the myth is, your wrong. The only real place you can cause nerve damage via piercing is on the genitals, however, there are two very large veins running on the underside of the tongue that, if you pierce them, you can bleed out. Not everyone's veins are in the same place. Some people have them on the side, some have them dead center (so they shouldn't get a center tonguering). Either way, if SOMEONE ELSE is doing it for you, can mark it on the underside, sides, and top evenly and away from your veins, clamp it, and have everything sterile, it's your choice. People online need to stop preaching about "stupid blah blah blah you'll kill yourself blah blah blah" because if a teenager wants it bad enough, it'll be this kit, or a sewing needle and earring. Also, everyone's tongue swells. It's why you avoid dairy and eat cold water-based foods (mainly juice pops, ice chips, or chilled water) as much as possible for the first three or four days, and clean it with sea salt rinse or bactine outside and non-alchohal mouthwash inside so you don't dry it out. Stop being hypocrites.
Angellya said
maybe the persons getting the kit aren't doing the piercing themselves but having a licensed 'piercer' friend do it for you.
Casey said
I, for one, am OK with this. If you look up your stuff, then this is totally safe to do. It's a sterile kit with proper materials. Compare this to a 5/8 barbell they bought from Hot Topic and a rusted safety pin, and tell me what's the better choice. Just PLEASE, before you do this, gain proper knowledge beforehand!
kim said
fist, joey you cant paralyze your tongue because no nervous run through it. i just got my tongue pierced on tuesday. and i think its a way better idea to get it done by a profession then to do it yourslef. not everyone is fit to have there tongue pierced. and if you do it yourself you dont know if your fit or not. when you get your tongue pierced it has to be done on an angle if you do it yourself you might not get the angle right, and something could go wrong.
Erin said
I'm pretty sure Rachel wasn't trying to tell you not to pierce your tongue... I think she was just saying not to pierce it yourself. And Rissa darling, typically, I would agree. However, this is something that I feel people should think about before buying. So, for some kid to come on here & read how stupid it would be to buy it... I feel that's a good thing. If the people running the site didn't want the comments here, they could delete them. So, hush puppy. ?
Ashley said
Whoever is dumb enough to pierce their own tongue just might need a wake up call. I say buy it! Hopefully, you cause enough damage so that no one will have to listen to your dumbass again!
nikki said
love it
Rissa said
The website is trying to sell a product on this page. Unless you've purchased it and were dissatisfied, Don't whine about it just because YOU wouldn't get it. Got an issue? Blog about it.
Joey said
if you do it right the tongue doesnt swell that much. In fact it barely hurts at all. But I recomend getting it done professionally, someone who isnt trained could hit a nerve and paralyze the tongue.
*C#3rrY* said
ok but that is your opinion, people get them because they want to be different;
Rachel said
The world knows how stupid people could be with piercings so don`t even think to get this . Your tongue will swell like you can`t fell anything so don`t get this. Do the right thing and don`t get it.
Tiff said
If you pierce your own tongue you're a moron.
Tenn said
The knowledge that their parents will beat their ass. It's possible to do a piercing by hand sans kit. This is sterilized at the very least, though you'd have to be stupid to do it without any prior knowledge sinc ethe tongue's a muscle. I could buy this, but I am totally aware of the fact that my mother would whoop my ass.
Jan Griffiths said
What's to stop kids from buying this w/o parents' consent? If this was available back in the day, my mom would have s**t!!! I was 40 when I got my tongue done.


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