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Faux 0 gauge expander, 14 ga

Faux 0 gauge expander, 14 ga
Product ID: 8587
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  • Type: taper / hole expander
  • Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm)
  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
  • Length: 1/4" (6mm)
  • -: priced and sold in pairs
  • -: fake 0 ga
  • Availability: In Stock


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wtf said
I don't know about not having patience. I know I don't want my ears to be stretched that far because of the way my ear would look. BUT...I don't like the fact that with smaller sizes comes less chances for awesome looking jewelry such as the types with pictures. I think this is pretty awesome to have if you still want that cool jewelry but don't want to stretch your ears. It's not always about "oh if I stretch it far it won't shrink" as I know this isn't true. I just think giant stretched ears are really gross looking.
The Gauge Queen said
I realize some people don't want the pain and time of real ear stretching (it's not called "gauging", the gauge is the size, u stretch it to the gauge you want) but when my friend bought this, I really thought it was a waste. I mean, most people will buy this because the common misconception is that stretched ears don't shrink back to normal sizes, but they do. You can get a 6 to go back to a 16 in about 3 days and a 00 that's been there for years to go back in usually less than a month. If you want to lie "oh, i know how to 'gauge' my ear in a day" then eventually someone will tear this out and laugh at you, because it's as fake as you must be to want to wear it without the patience to actually wait a month in between stretches.
Hollywood said
For years, i was incapable to bring myself to tear out my earlobes so I could be as trendy as all the cool bmezine kids and then i discovered these faux gauges. Sure I'm a little more of a girl if anyone finds out but atlesast im not a sheep following a trend, i can take these out if any of my gamecube playing bro's say they dont like it
Foamy said
I bought this for my left ear and wore it around. All of a sudden all these hot babes just started asking me about my gauged ear. I told them I'm pretty much THE man to talk to about body modification and now I've got phone numbers galore! Thanks Faux 0 Gauge Expander!


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