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Piercing Sterile Needle

Piercing Sterile Needle
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  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
  • -: EO Gas sterilized
  • -: individually packed
  • Availability: In Stock


If you're a piercing professional or have interest in piercing, this surgical stainless steel piercing needle is a great choice for you.  This tool is sterilized with EO gas and packages separately to ensure safety.  Choose from eight optional gauges to meet all your needs.
This video is just an example for your convenience. This video came from third party, not related to us and we can not be hold responsible for anything that you see in this video. We never recommend to do it yourself and it's always the best to go to professional piercer.


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Mr. Dick said
I purchased this item in a 12ga to perform a PA. I agree that this item is extremely sharp. It made the procedure as painless as possible. The threaded end of the 12ga jewelry fit perfectly in the back of the needle. I will reorder this in the future!
Shauna said
Bought this piercing needle to help re-pierce a very stubborn piercing on my lobe. This thing was AMAZINGLY sharp, and made the piercing incredibly fast and painless. Definitely recommend getting this needle!
Brenna said
Decided to pierce my cartilage at home and though I'd give these needles a shot. I purchased a 14 gauge needle for my helix piercing and a 16 gauge to do more lobe piercings. I did my helix yesterday and I have to say it went quite smoothly. The needles are VERY sharp which makes it less painful and quick. I also used it injunction with a clamp which I HIGHLY recommend doing if you decide to pierce yourself. My 16 gauge straight barbell fits in both ends of the 14 gauge needle perfectly. The needle didn't feel like it was going to bed on me but I wouldn't reuse it lots for fear that it might. All in all I would recommend these for someone familiar with proper piercing techniques and aftercare.
Customer said
Can I use them on tung
Jenny said
these needles are great! fantastic product!
John said
Good product!
Leigh said
These are perfect! Very, very sharp! So sharp, in fact, that I feel fine using them on myself (I do not promote this...please be safe and go to a professional!) As for the jewelry not fitting inside the end, I just use an internally threaded taper (with externally threaded jewelry). Just insert the taper into the dull hollow end of the needle, screw the jewelry into the taper, and pull it all through! Makes for a clean and gentle transition.
hannaoo said
got it today ! awesome and love it took like 4 days ! and works great with doing ur nose :right side)
Km3 said
These needles are very sharp and go through so easily. I bought them to do a few Belly Button piercings. Unfortunately the jewelery did not go inside of the needle as i would've liked and ended up in a lot of pain for those pierced. I will be trying the other needles next. If it weren't for the fact that the jewelry didnt slip right through like it should then these would be perfect, but that throws it all off..
Geo said
I had used those needles. They are perfect.
Hannah said
these needles are so amazing, I pierced my septum the other day, i barely felt it. super sharp im buying some more right now
Al said
I got this needle to do a PA. I exhausted the internet on this procedure and I will say this, This was nothing using this needle. A little pinch and done! I will buy again!
The Gauge Queen said
These needles are amazing! I always make sure I have at least two 16 gauged and two 14 gauged ones in my bedroom for when my friends let me practice piercings. I've used them on my own snakebites, my best friends' septum, mutliple ear piercings, two of their belly buttons, and so much more. I really think these are a must for anyone who wants to be a piercing tech someday, or just anyone who like to do it themselves. It's really a great deal.
Felipe said
these needles are real good i just pierced my cousins and my eyebrow without trouble...not to mention the shipping was really fast
Rob said
I used the 8 gauge needle to place a second hole in my lobe, right above my 1 inch, and it bled like no other. It took me almost 10 minutes to get the bleeding to stop, but the needle was amazing. very sharp, and went through instantly. I tried using the same needle on both lobes, but the second time just wouldn't work. I am buying another needle right now.
Andrea said
I have pierced numerous people with these needles. They are really great.
Amanda said
Just pierced my friend's lip with these today. Very sharp and it went through quickly. Very good quality!
Taylor said
These needles are sharp, sterile, and just plain wonderful. I used these on seperate occasions to pierce both my nipples and my tongue web, both of which were done beautifully straight and clean. I will be using these needles again this summer to pierce my helix and my septum, and I cant wait. Thanks, MsPiercing.com
Kali said
I have purchased several of these on numerous occasions to do piercings for my friends, they work wonders every time, very sharp.
tigonesskay said
I used these to pierce a second set of holes in my ears. They are very sharp had both ears piered in less than 5 mintues. just buy a needle for every peircing you make and you'll have mininum or no bleeding.


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