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7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter Kit

7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter Kit
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  • Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm)
  • Availability: In Stock

Kit includes:
- sterile needle, 14 gauge
- needle holder
- navel forceps
- H2Ocean, 1.5 oz cleaning and healing sea salt solution
- curved barbell
- needle receiving cork
- sterile alcohol swab

Captive bead ring:
- best kind of jewelry for initial piercing
- made of 316L surgical stainless steel
- sterile
- highly polished to eliminate bacteria growth
- 14 gauge
- 9/16" in diameter for comfort fit
- with 3/16" ball


This video is just an example for your convenience. This video came from third party, not related to us and we can not be hold responsible for anything that you see in this video. We never recommend to do it yourself and it's always the best to go to professional piercer.


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Vanessa said
I ordered the belly button kit got it 2 days later and did it that evening by my self . every thing you needed was in the kit . it would be nice to have a little how to instructions but I got along with out them . the needle was real sharp and went right thru with out a problem . took me maybe 5 minutes to do every little pain to do it . the next day it hurt more then when I did it . but now it's day 4 and every thing is fine and only hurts a little if it hits the belt line of my pants so low rise pants are a much for the next 3 or 4 days I guess . so all and all I'm very happy with the kit and the way it turned out :)
katia said
got it did it turned out great however i do suggest maybe lots of forethought before doing the piercing on urself, but on the plus side if ur terrified or needles or more so of someone else sticking a needle in ur skin in some fashion i do suggest this kit if u want this piercing. cuz didnt panic at all like i normally would have if someone else woud have done it.
Mary said
If you're going to buy this kit maybe you should know how to spell and type first... ThI$ doEsnT LoOk v3rY sMaRt nOw DoEs iT?
Kristin said
all these kids 13-16 years old are still babys. and need to listen to there parents believe it or not...they know what there talking about. don't be in such a rush to grow up trust me adulthood comes up faster then you think and you can never go back to that innocence you had. so keep it girls
Natalie said
My mom wouldn't let me get my belly button pierced professionally and she had no good reason for it. I'm 16 and I wanted it done. So I bought this and got it 5 days later. I had my boyfriend pierce my belly button for me. (He wasn't happy about it) It went fine, barely hurt and my piercing is healthy. I'm super happy about this kit.
Loni said
hey guys I wanted to know if you get this mailed to your house does it say on the box what it is
Sydney said
I'm 13 and I really want to get my belly button pierced. And my mom already gave me permission to get it pierced. So should I wait to get it done professionally or do it myself?!
Zee said
how long does it take for the kit to arrive?
Toni said
Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch owwwwww. I tried this at home and it didn't go so well.
Latoya said
I bought 2 kits to do a double navel piercing and this kit is EXCELLENT! Not a professional and it went good. Thank you.
Raquel said
For all of the little kids that are asking "How old do you have to be to buy this?" You need to be old enough to know how to spell, have a job to pay for the kit, and be old enough to have a credit card. On a different note, I agree with everyone who is saying that you need to be with someone to do it for you. It is MUCH easier to have someone else there to do it for you.
Rosie said
Is this ring good with sensitive skin? Or should I order a gold one?
Lina ~ said
I ordered this kit, and I loved it. I pierced it the same day I got it and everything went great. It's not infected at all. For those of your who say that it can get infected and that we need it done by a "professional" SHUT UP. Even when getting it pierced by a professional, it can still get infected. It all depends on how you clean, and take care of the piercing. So if you are thinking about piercing it yourself, make sure you have a friend that you trust with you, or have them pierce it, to make sure that it is straight. Also, look up information about the piercing so you have a heads up on what can occur, such as the signs of healing or infection. And lastly, buy an extra bottle of H2Ocean or sea salt solution, because the one that comes with the kit is small and runs out in about a couple of weeks. Oh, and the pain only feels like a pinch, just make sure you dont put in the needle super slow! Or else it will hurt. Anyways have fun!:)
Anna said
i actually ordered the 6 piece belly button starter kit on this site not this exact set, but its the same basic concept, with the same stuff except a metal clamp and not a plastic one. My turned out fine, have a friend pierce it for you if you must do it, cannot get it out of your head, and only if you cannot get it professionally done. I'm not gonna lie, the actual piercing part with mine hurt like hell and I have a high pain tolerance. There was also blood. It looks good now, but if you can't get it professionally done and you only want it done a little bit, don't do it. it was a lotta pain for me. also, if you decide to use this kit like i did, have a friend there. (and i'm not saying this incase you faint, hit a blood vessel, etc. i'm saying this because its easier to pierce it successfully if someone else is there...its also harder to inflict pain on yourself, so have a friend there to do it for you or help) you can try and do it by yourself but i think if it's easier if a friend does it. Anyhow, mine looks pretty good : )
Amber :) said
Okay so I see it this way you save $ so thats good for me :) and Im 14 I'm thinking about geting my belly done.
Spike CIE said
OK, people are going to do this regardless of whether they know what they are doing or not. The alcohol prep pad is completely unnecessary, alcohol is not a sterilant. And the girl that said she boiled the jewelry and needle to make sure they were safe, probably put more bacteria on them than she realized. The needle and jewelry are already sterile. And I don't care what anyone here thinks, 13,14, and15 year olds should not be getting their navel pierced. Your body isn't done growing. In 4 or 5 more years you're going to end up with a bell piercing, meaning the bottom of the piercing is actually outside of the navel. But what do I know, I've only been piercing 10 years.
Chelsea said
There IS a reason why there are professional piercers. #1-To get it right--not crooked, the right depth, lined up correctly #2-Because certified piercers are trained to help you if something goes wrong, and you just never know. Infections. Bleeding. Fainting. I've seen it happen. Trust me, this is a bad idea.
udelle said
this kit is AMAZING. the needles is super sharp and it starts piercing on contact. i suggest having a friend do it so they can push faster. but im not gonna lie, it does hurt. it took me like 10 minutes to finish. btw im 15 & my piercing is GREAT. thanks mspiercing!
Gwen said
just got it, do i put on ''sterile alcohol swab'' first then do all that then put the Ocean thinq last ? pLease heLp; & repLy to me on this Email ''ladyfyner3000@hotmail.co.uk''
nikki said
just got it in the mail. washed my hands and did it in 5 minutes.. the first time i tried pro but it got rejected so i did it on my own its fine right now. painless probably doing my tongue
rach said
I ordered mine and i still haven't got it mine. i personally think that some people can actually pierce their own body or their friends successfully if you know what your doing. all the piercings i have aside industrial i have done on my own and i do it for my friends all the time, just be smart about it.
Joy said
If these piercing packages are so easy and wonderful, why do they even have professional piercers? Why do people even need to become certified to do this and work in a shop? Now that we all know how to pierce our own navels, 16yrlds can go apply for jobs as professional piercers. "Like, I pierced my bff's bellybutton and it totally turned out great and not crooked. This will be totally fine."
Jamie said
I pierced my friends belly button and it turned out fine. And for those who say that 12-14 year olds are "mature" enough are way off. Some 13-14 year olds are more mature than some adults. I was 14 when i got mine done. "Kacie" You cannot hit the abdominal aorta unless you stab yourself. You can, however, hit a blood vessel. But that's highly unlikely to bleed to death from.
kacie said
if you pierce your own belly button you can risk hitting an artery and bleeding to death!
kellyyy said
okk. this kit is AMAZING. i bought one for myself, and 3 for my friends. and if you do it right its painfree, and its NOT crooked. dont do it yourself though (if you do make sure your looking at a mirror so it doesnt end up being crooked) but honestly have a friend do it because then it doesnt come out crooked (unless your friend messes up, so have a friend you trust do it) & honestly ppl...this kit is AMAMAMAAAAZING. (:
Heather said
I pierced mine myself and it's fine. I'm also a professional whose held my license for over 10 years. If you know what you're doing, do the research, keep it clean, and follow directions, this kit is just fine, to use. As far as the person saying 12-14 year olds are not mature enough to do this, I'd say that's a personal choice, made by them and their family, and they're plenty mature. Although, at 12-14 your body growing can cause rejection or it to end up higher than your belly button. But good luck, I highly recommend this.
Amini said
I totally recommend this product for people whom are eery about going to a piercing place, such as myself. I was able to easily and quickly do it myself in the comfort in my room. I don't suggest using the ring that comes with it though, the ball pops right off, it's worth it to buy a different surgical ring!
Catherine said
Does anyone know how log premium shipping takes? Very excited !
andré said
I just pierced my bellybutton and it worked wonderfull. the needles are sharp and it didn't really hurt. if ur going to do it at home don't use a saftey pin IT WILL GET INFECTED!! use this kit its safer than saftey pins. goog luck and have fun.
couture said
My Order Just Came. And It Worked Prefect.It Took A While But It Looks Good.But I Had A Belly Ring Already Because I Had My Belly Pierced Two Times Already. The First Time I Did It With A Sewing Needle, The I Went To A Tatto Shop And Got It Done And It Got Infected.And Both Times It Ripped.So Im Trying It Again...xoxo
Georgia From Cornwall,England said
steph said
if ur going to pierce it your self u should use this. the needles are sharp and its easy to use. if your going to get ur navel pierced and u live in texas there are a few thing u should know. in texas u can buy a piercing license online and become a pro wit no training. so if u go to get your navel pierced by a pro ask to watch them pierce another cosmter. make sure they sterilize the jwerly and needle in front of you. also look online for comster reviews about the place.
sasha fierce said
i got this and my sister used it to pierced her belly and it came out fine, thoe i dont understand y she didnt get it done by a pro kus shes 16, but wat-ev... and im going to buy it again, but this time for me kus im 13 and cant get it done by a pro.
Izblonde said
Ive bought this kit from a different place , first of all if your under the age of 18 there is no place that will pierce you in the state of florida , If you can read , and follow directions , you should be fine.I remember when ear piercing guns were made available to the public EVERYONE had something to say about it , I tell my customers that if they are getting theyre belly pierced , use a regular belly ring not a dangle but a small maybe acrylic 14GA if you keep it clean with the salt wash , and sterilize your belly ring ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR JEWELRY IS SURGICAL STEEL TO AVOID INFECTIONS ESPECIALLY WITH NEW PIERCINGS. I think this kit is great but like everything else you have to take care of it , the Navel piercing is one of the Hardest piercings to heal,,try and make sure that your jeans arent rubbing up against it all the time. If your under 15 and getting this for yourself .... have a friend help u with it , AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Good Luck
Nina said
nottellinyuh said
omg. let ppl do it if they want. its no big deal. yer not gonna die if you try to put a hole in yer belly button...i tried, failed, and im getting this and its gonna be fine. but i would suggest not using their belly ring, just cause its weridly shaped and hard to get into the hole. just buy like a normal 14g. bellybuttonring
momo said
"Amanda" i got my belly button stuff off this site and it so is not infected it looks better than my cousins and she got hers "professionally" done and this b!@#h at my school... um get over yourself cause you got yours done "professionally done" and it rotted off and i did my own(well my mom did it) and mine looks better than ever!! so...
momo said
Omg this was one of the cutest things i ever did i got my belly button pierced like may1st and now it is September it has healed and everyone like LOVES it!! it is so cute... and now i have gotten more belly rings off this site... high 5 mspiercing...keep it up
reanne said
ok, All yall anti-do it urselfers well put this in ur juice box and suck it, Every dayum piercing in my body (5) but i once had 17 all at the same time. All i recomend is you do extensive reaserch on google about the nerves and the risks before you attempt anything. Dont try and be cute and do it drunk or high and dont take pan killers that just stupid ull thin ur blood and bleed a hell of alot more just make sure u keep everything sterilized until the last minute and make sure to wash your hands! If you cant do it urself ht me up on myspace, depending on where u live ill do it for you or give you some rad advice and ask anybody on my page...im good. Although im not certified I do have Plenty of piercing expierience on many people, all loved em' so yea. www.myspace.com/system_of_a_down_bitch. STFU i picked the URL in 7th grade and i cant change it=[[ lol
charleigh said
okay serious;s. you people are freaking out over a damn belly button kit? are you kidding me? you should be freaking out about people who pierce their own tongue, septum. lip. ect. nothing can really happen to you damn belly button that you can die or lose feeling in something. i should fucking know. i used to have 27 piercings. and only 3 professionally done. what the fuck you should do, (if you have kids) is get the fuck off here and take care of you damn kids. and if you don't have kids go get a life. and if you are a kid. if you know how to do it yourself. but if you don't know how and you THINK you know how don't. seriously, i had a friend end up with a virus and lost feeling in his face. and if you are a dumbass and wanna do it yourself. be my guest.
Kristel said
If you are going to pierce yourself, make sure everything is sterilized and that you know how to take care of it after it's done! Also, try to make sure it's straight because a crooked bellybutton ring looks pretty dumb :) And don't forget that piercings leave scars so make sure you're willing to accept the consequences if you change your mind!
J3N3SSy said
HOW LONq DO3S it tAK3 2 qH3T yEW'R ORD3R?
autumn said
how old do have 2 be 2 bye this?
nigggggaa ! said
im goinng to buy it no matter what you bitches bellow me say ! i think it will be worth it fashhhooo niggggaa. :))))
Amanda said
As a nurse, I wouldn’t recommend buying this kit to pierce your belly button. A professional should be putting a hole into your body, not yourself (or one of your friends). This kit will cause much more bleeding and swelling, and increases your chances of an infection. If you want a healthy piercing, get it done properly.
taylor said
hey everyone like i told you yesturday, i got light headed, but a different person did it and it hurt a lot but its worth it. :]
taylor said
i just got my kit today,and i tried to pierce it but i got light headed & dizzy and the person that was doing it did too, & it was bleeding a lot, and it hurt so bad, and i didnt even get it in, i have to try tomarrow, cause a person i know does a lot of piercings but hopefully it works.
tAYLOR said
oMG i oRDERED tHIS oN mONDAY i'M sO eXCITED :], bUT sCARED aT tHE sAME tIME, bUT wHEN i gET iT i'LL tELL yOU hOW iT iS :]
twizzy said
I pierced all of my own piercings (ten all together) either by myself or with the help of a friend. I recommend going to a professional if you have little to no experience with diy piercings. Any self piercing kits can greatly help but also read up on whatever you're going to be piercing and get the background on it...good luck!
Lynn said
ok i didnt buy this i got it done @ a tattoo shop im 13 i have my belly lip nose & my cartlige pierced lol ummm yea i love all my piercings
ayee boy said
never do this/
Nanda Ramcoobair said
This kit is amazing!!! my friend did it for me and the kit really helped. Also, i felt a lot safer knowing that all the stuff i was using was steralized and safe. I LOVE MY PIERCING!!!!
to sam <3 toula said
ok well there is this one place called piercing pagota i belive its in the ovido mall or florida now im only 12 and i have my belly butten and cartlage and im thinkin of gettin my lip pierced idk i want it though but idk were i go should i go to my place or a differnt place and im not liein theres alot of gurls these days who have the cartlage and lip now its the belly ring & i think tattos are gettin popular my boyfriend is goth and has his eyebrow,lip,tounge,the thing above the lip a few in the ear,and nose and 2 tattos and the tattos u kid can get but the parents hav to sign some paper i think idk <3 toula bby
toula said
this is hot i lov it!!!! but after i did it i went to a professinal at piersing pagota thats were i got all my stuff done and i told them does it look okay and did i do it right they said yesss mam everything looks good so now i have done a few other things my self so i think its good but i recomend that after u do it u should go check wit a pro to see if its okay and louise u shouldnt give them ur adress in front of everyone thats stupid no evence <3 toula
Amanda said
i know a lot of people in tattoo and piercing shops that say they are certified and are professional and end up not. some people feel they would much rather do it themselves. now as long as that individual is over 18 and feels comfortable doing in what is the problem. if you don't know for sure that the piercers by you are legit wouldn't you rather trust yourself over some one that might be an much of a beginer as you.
jessica said
i bought this and pierced my own belly button and i loved it. my mom actually did it becuase she is a doctor, and didn't trust the piercing options around us. we sterilized everything and i've had my piercing for a year now with no problems. thank you ms piercing!=]
Ashley said
Ok I would recommend a professional piercer. all you girls dont know what the hell ur doing. You prolly dont even know what to clean it with. I had mine done by a professional. so stop what ever your doing and get it done by a professional.
Dexie said
Honestly it's so fucking stupid for anyone to buy this and pierce another person if they do not know what they are doing. That is how shit gets infected, and rejected. To all you girls, grow some common sence
samantha said
i have a problem i want to get my naval pierced but im only 17 and most places won't let me with my mom anyone know of any good places in buffalo, new york???
Allison said
if you know what you are doing, this is a great kit. otherwise i suggest getting a proffesional to do it. its much safer, and less painful. =]
Sam said
I personally pierced mine myself and it got infected, regaurdless of how well I cleaned it. Then I got it done by a professional and it's fine now. But all I really want to say is all of you idiotic 12-14 year olds that want to pierce their belly buttons, just stop. You aren't mature enough to make that decision yet and most aren't mature enough to be trusted to clean it the way that it should be. Besides your body is still changing and you'll have a better chance of your body rejecting the piercing whether it's from weight gain, height change, etc. Please wait until you are a few years older.
mariah said
I peirced my own belly button when i was 12, my mom found out and i took it out. i now had permission to get mine done, i'm 14 and i realized that when i did it myself it turned out better than when i got it professionally done. It wasn't crooked and healed really fast when i did it myself, but the one i got professionally is really crooked after the 2nd time i've had it done, and is infected. so..
linda said
i pierced mines just the other day, painless. i bought a needle from a lil belly button store, my friends did it for me. it felt like a pinch, and i didnt bleed. they told me to clean it, and play with it [move it around] so i am. its cute, but a bit crooked :[
KC said
I pierced my bellybutton da first time by myself at 13 and Used an sewing needle it looked good but got infected and I got grounded but now that I got premission my mom bought this for me so my friend who has hers done can do it.
hazel said
i bought this kit sunday and got it today in the mail. im 15 and my friend pierced it for me. it worked fine, painful, but successful. the little ring they give you is hard to figure out and it doesnt fit very well so we put a normal belly button ring in. it was pretty bloody, and it still hurts quite a bit, but it was done correctly and it looks good!
erin said
o wow some people needa just let it go. people are gunna pierce it themselves no matter wat poeple say. i had meh friend do mine with a safty pin when i was 14 in his car. and it reely did turn out purdy good. but i wish we woulda got one of these cause i did a few of my friends with one of these and they said it didnt hurt and it never got infected. so if yur underaged and want one... prolly get this. dont try a safty pin they hurt bad
Jan Griffiths said
Remember, professional piercers have studied a long time, and know what they're doing!!! PLEASE go to a professional piercer!!!
KATIE said
katie said
hey yall im 13 and im thinking bout geting this and have my sis dad or mom to do it for me it looks rele good so all these dumass who think they know evry thing shut the hell up and STOP
Chad said
ude rpofessionally it cost more than all the tools that u can buy and do at home as many times as u want the creators of this site are geniuses
samantha said
to be honest, if people want to do it themselves, why not let them do it? ive pierced my lip atleast 6 times, and bought the supplies on this site, as long as you use a clean needle everytime and take good care of it, it makes no difference if you get it done proffessionaly!
cait said
<big>you're all dramatic, most 18 year olds are physically capable of looking up online how to pierce a belly button, and doing it. I DON'T RECOMMEND IT. considering I DO HAVE A LICENSE, but honestly. it's simple. it's NOT PAINFUL. infection IF CLEANED PROPERLY will not occur. so shut up and get over it. I THINK THIS KIT IS GREAT!! STRONGLY SUGGESTED!!
RoboticDolly said
First off, I would like to say that you have to be 18 before you can even purchase this stuff, unless a minor gets a prepaid Visa or American Express card, then why does it matter? If they're 18, they're legally an adult and if they want to pierce it by themself, let them. Also, these products are put on the internet for people who are interested in being a piercing apprentince; not for people to save money by piercing it themself. If you people are getting the wrong idea about these products, that's your fault. I personally work at a local piercing and tatoo shop, and kids come in all the time from piercing themself and making sure that their piercing is okay. I see nothing wrong with piercing your navel, as long as you take care of it. If it was a mnore serious piercing, I wouldn't like the idea of it happening. Also, if there are minors on this site buying these products, don't blame the site, blame the parents for their poor decision to watch their child.
needles said
You guys need to fuckin chill out. If you are steril about it nothing will go wrong. If it gets infected its the person taking care of the peircing. Ive done plenty of peircings and have never had any bad comments bad healing or bad feedback. By the way if you are on here looking at these products why are you bitching???? its not your body to say. Get over it
christina said
hey, i order this starter kit and it works fine, i sterilized everything just in case (by submerging them in boiling water [i heard that would work=]) but other than that it was good. I had my cousin do it because she really wanted to and she sad it was fairly easy. If you are going to pierce your navel by yourself this is safer and easier than using a safety pin or anything like that. btw, if you're only looking to buy this, just know that theres a 3 dollar shipping fee (so it comes out to about a total of $25) so if u buy like 2 belly rings and raise the total up to $30+ then the shipping fee is free and you get a couple more belly rings for only 5 dollars. =]
Jessica said
Isn't this supposed to be for PRODUCT REVIEWS and not opinions?
Terah said
Okay, first off, i know its bad to do a piercing by yourself. But honestly, I've pierced my ears five times, my lip, and my bellybutton by myself, and never once have I had a problem with any of them. They have never been infected and they all healed well. Yeah, it's smart to get it done by a professional, but if you want to do it yourself, that's your own decision. You know the risks you are taking when you do it yourself.
Cathi said
I am in the health care profession and I have my belly pierced. I would never have been able to pierce myself. It is WAY to dangerous.
Blue said
I gotta say, I think alot of the comments posted on this particular topic thus far are somewhat narrow minded. Whilst I don't agree with SOME (note; SOME) people piercing themseleves due to sheer lack of anatomical knowledge/hygiene etc, for others, it can be a 'growing' experience. I personally have been getting 'heavier' modifications for around 5 years now and have been capable (and informed enough) to pierce and brand myself/others successfully -not to simply skip the charge of a professional (who, by the way, it's always cool to tip...they deserve it) but as a physical challenge to one's self. So, whilst it's apparent that MOST of you are trying to be helpful and offer advice...I think it'd be good to firstly encourage people to do their research first (as many of us modified type do before getting something done), then deciding if they think the risk is worth it-from their own judgement. Happy Prodding!
brittany said
after reading more of the reviews i've decided to add more to mine. once again, i got mine done at age 15 in a school bathroom by a friend, it didn't hurt at all. and getting an infection or not is all how to take care of it.
brittany said
getting your belly button pierced by a professional doesn't necessarily mean it's going to heal better. i had mine done at age 15 by a friend in a school bathroom and a few people said it looks better than people they know that got their's done by a professional. and they only professional i trust is my friend.
ally said
COOL i think we should do W.E we want wen it comes to our body...hahahah jkzzzzzz freaksss relaxx only playin wit u dunt do it get it dun by a professional
Nerdino said
I agree with the comments below...DONTTT DO IT YURSELF! yur an idiot if yu do bcz it can and will get infected and you will be putting yourslef through pain you don't need to experience. I got my bellybutton done professionsally and it didn't hurt so trut me when i say get it dun by a pro! because $5 says...your not.
peaches said
Please go to a professional don't try to do it yourself if you do you crazy.
Trisha said
I agree with most of these reviews- why chance a painful and dangerous infection that in the end won't be worth the $30 difference in cost??? I love this site but I think this is taking things a little too far.
cheyenne said
i think its great to have thth in all but like i herd that you could be in the hostipal for a month if u do it worng... is tht true
cassie said
this is great!i have peirced my belly button before with nothin but a needle b/c i had never seen a kit to buy,but i am really interested in this b/c i know alot of people that have asked me to do their belly button but i dont have anything to do it with i think i may purchase this sometime this year!i could make some money off of this!
may said
wow...im sorry but i dont think i could be able to pierce my own belly i went to get it done and it just cost 40$ i mean come on people stop being cheap and go get it done..thats crazy
danielle said
what is wrong with you? i agree with casey, go to a professional. you can get your naval pierced for like $30 and you don't have nearly as high of a risk of infection as you would if you let some random person or yourself pierce it.
casey said
this makes me sick. go to a professional, dumbass.
Lisa said
I am also very interested, mainly in the 14 gauge needles and the forsepe. Could you please send me magazine. It would b greatfully appreciated, Lisa
louise lawson said
please send a catalog to my adess very interested in the belly button starter kit. with a couple of the exta belly rings to go with it. do u have a book on body piecing ? adress is 1394 millpond drive . galax va.24333


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